Toronto and Google partenership

Toronto Waterfront Project.



Surviving a mass shooting. What next?

Las Vegas USA October 12017.




USA gun violence explained.

Some experts are trying to understand this scourge.



Police officers physically removed a woman from a Southwest Airlines plane

Another Airline carrier incident with passengers.



Guess what is the new epidemic in 21st century? and how to fight it?

It is in our best interests to know how to fight them.



He saved 30 people from the Las Vegas shooting before he was shot.

The image of the a real-life hero.




Now we know for sure why Apple removed the headphone jack.

From the day they removed it, we all had an idea why.





Active shooters become parts of reality now.


Venezuela president ( Nicolás Maduro) asked the Spanish Prime Minister (Mariano Rajoy Brey) who’s the dictator now?

Can we compare what happened in Venezuela to what is going on in Catalonia?



How the Russians have used Netflix to interfere in USA politics.

When fiction is used to manipulate reality.



Was Donald Trump in possession of Intel regarding the Sweden attack?

In February 2017, the 45th US President made a comment about an attack in Sweden and ask the American people to keep their country safe.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The USA Anthem pro slavery words explained.

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave  was not written for black slave?



Marianne Barnard claims Roman Polanski sexually abused her when se was 10 years old

Marianne Barnard said she was inspired to tell her story by all the women who have made allegations about Harvey Weinstein and she now hopes the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revokes Polanski’s membership.