Was Donald Trump in possession of Intel regarding the Sweden attack?

Was Donald Trump in possession of Intel regarding the Sweden attack?

In February 2017, the 45th US President made a comment about an attack in Sweden and ask the American people to keep their country safe.

The issue with his statement is that there was no terrorist attack at the time of his speech.

His speech had prompted criticism from every part of the society around the world for invoking an attack that didn’t happened.

Fast-forward to April 2017 the world was shocked after a suspected terrorist hijacked a car and driven into Stockholm department store, he killed and injured several innocent people including young children.

The question we should ask ourselves today is whether or not the President Donald Trump was in possession of intel about a possible attack on Sweden and omitted to share it with the Sweden Intelligence Service.

Donald Trump has used other terrorist attack to justify the need for Americans to protect themselves from Islamic radicals.

In this following video, you can learn about the no-go zones in Sweden.

The no-go zone is a list of city in Sweden where it is not recommended to go as they are not even safe for Police or other law agencies to be in these cities.

These cities are invaded and controlled by radical islamist, they installed a climate of terror and bring fear upon the population of Sweden.

Today, terrorist is everywhere, it is not just a Middle East problem anymore. It is a worldwide problem which we need to face.

Think about it that way, your neighbor could actually be the next terrorist featuring in the night news.

All we can do is keep our eyes opened and report any abnormal behaviors to the authorities.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)